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"I love social media and I use it a lot. But on its own it can be impersonal and frankly sometimes a bit cold. It’s important to remember human connection, because being there for one another is a basic human need."

Paul Bayes At Christmas I believe something has been lost by the trend away from sending cards. E-cards or a group email are OK, but they’re no substitute for a hand-signed card through the letterbox. Sometimes traditional is good and it will be particularly important for me this year as I move to a new city, writing cards for those I’m leaving behind but then also delivering cards to new friends, neighbours and colleagues in Liverpool.

It’s about one to one connection – and pastorally, the gold standard for connection is hand-delivering a card. Of course you can’t do that for everyone, but whenever you do it’s such a gift to the giver as well as to the receiver.

The Rt Rev Paul Bayes
Bishop of Liverpool 

Charity Christmas Cards from Traidcraft

It is estimated that £50m is raised for good causes through the sales of charity Christmas cards each year. Traidcraft charity cards have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to fund the valuable work of charities Traidcraft Exchange, CAFOD, SCIAF and Christian Aid.

Traidcraft specialises in cards that share the joy of the Christmas story which tie in with the Christmas Starts with Christ Campaign, aimed at opening up opportunities to share the true joy of Christmas with friends and family.

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